Friday, December 24, 2010

WORLD WAR THREE ANALYSIS by Capt. E. May, US Marine (Ret.)

July 13, 2006

Email to US Ambassador to Qatar (former Assistant Secretary of the Navy) Chase Untermeyer, published by Al-Jazeerah

Some excerpts from this still actual analysis:

Napoleon and Hitler, who stumbled into fools' mates, at least had successful campaigns before their dooms, but King George Bush stumbled coming out of the Euphrates Valley into Baghdad, then used the exact kind of WMD warfare he conned us into believing we had gone to war to prevent!  He coaxed and coerced his camp followers (they called themselves "embedded media") to cover it up. (...)

Your knowledge of our operations in the 911-2B area go back to considerably earlier, though, when we headed off the first Bush League attempt to hit Texas City, on March 30, 2004! .... 
Along the way you'll remember how I used KTRH's Tara Howard to get FBI national to issue a Gulf Coast terror alert -- which was probably the single act of that mission to contribute the most to saving many, many lives in Texas City.(...)
For a brief while, I dared to hope that our single save of Texas City would result in the suspension of the 911-2B plan forever, but my experience with the Bush League told me different.  Within a month, I published my first article.  In it I expressed my outrage at the Abu Ghraib atrocity, and also made it clear that I thought the folks who tried the (Madrid) 3/30/04 attack were bound to try it again. (...)  
I wrote you a couple of months ago in May that I believed the Bush League was going to make another attempt at a 911-2B attack sometime in the summer, somewhere in the Houston Metro area.  You assured me that this wasn't going to happen.

The way we see it, the Bush League failure to enact this latest attempt at 911-2B may well be the end for the American Monarchy Experiment of the Bush Family.  Israel, our "special friend" in the Middle East, was probably counting on some trumped-up anti-Arab hysteria in time to turn the American People into partners with its most recent attempt to set the region aflame, begun in Gaza before the 911-2B attempt of July 2, and extending to Lebanon as I write!
I never tire of seeing Hitler's war rationale used by the Israeli government (and US media, it's propaganda ministry), and the recent case is fine irony:  "We aren't invading, we're on a forceful rescue mission!" seems like a close parallel to the lines Uncle Adolf used when he marched the Wehrmacht into Czechoslovakia and Poland "to protect ethnic Germans!"(...)

Korea seems to be going crazy, but we Ghost Troops have a feeling that their tantrum, in which they threw missiles out of their peninsular playpen, was OK'd by parents China and Russia -- who also seem to be putting the nix on our intention to find ample cause to nuke Iran!  I know that the Bush League thinks the second-tier superpowers are just spoiling the kids rotten, but I've got a feeling that both Russian and China had the impression that by declaring their southeast and southwest neighbors part of an "Axis of Evil" we were indeed setting up a world war, to be waged on their doorsteps, to their detriment!

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