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Who am I?
I am behind communism
I am behind radical feminism
I am behind homosexual-ism and “gay marriage”
I am behind multiculturalism
I am behind anti-Christianity

I am behind a one world government
I am the “divider and conquerer”
I am the race baiter and the slave trader
I am censorship
I am anti-gun

I am open borders
I am eminent domain
I am against English as the official language of the government
I am a dual citizen with loyalty not to your nation
I am the reason your daughter has such low self esteem and dresses like a whore

I am the Federal Reserve, Wall Street, central banking and big corporate money.
I am usury, fractional reserve lending, world currency and fiat money
I am the MSM, Hollywood, tabloid journalism and pornography
I am the corrupt judicial system that frees the guilty and imprisons the innocent

I am the nation’s high end drug dealer
I am the re-writer of history to my advantage
I am the military industrial complex
I am an unregulated nuclear state
I am an international terrorist

I am the WTC ’93, OKC ’95, 911, the Lavon Affair and the USS Liberty incident
I am “war by way of deception”
I am the aggressor, yet always the victim
I am the eternal radical
I believe that chaos equals cash and that gray equals green

I will defraud your country without conscience or consequence
I legislate from the bench, not from the Constitution
I contrive to make the simplest notion complicated
I succeed when you fail
I have killed more innocents than any others

I am your last, your current, and your next war
Who am I?

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Nigel Farage: "The Whole Euro Thing's a Giant Ponzi Scheme!"

Listen to a Great Man:

The Collapse Of Reactor 4 at Fukushima - An Overlooked Catastrophe

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To

A security camera inside  the Fukushima 1 nuclear plant reveals the final steps in the demolition of a ferroconcrete structure. A mobile crane-mounted plasma torch cuts through the skeletal remnant of a three-story building, methodically cleaving the few remaining support beams, releasing dust clouds of burnt slake lime.

Though the digital mosaic is often blurry, it's clear that only one side of the structure is left standing, indicating that the three other walls had been either removed earlier at nighttime or collapsed in the Richter 5+ earthquakes that struck northeast Japan between June 17 and June 22.

The obvious conclusion could be drawn from the scene, which still goes unreported by the media, but once again as throughout this crisis I have always wished to be pleasantly wrong rather than painfully correct. In response to my skeptical query, Japanese activists responded: "It was definitely the No 4 reactor. We have not heard anything else about it. It (the demolition) was done on the day when the nation was focused on the government decision to raise the consumer tax."

The demolition of Reactor 4 - yet to be officially announced by TEPCO or the Economy Ministry - has been overlooked by the mass media and even the anti-nuclear movement, which are preoccupied by the ongoing protests in the capital Tokyo against the reopening of the Oi nuclear power plant and a parliamentary vote for a higher consumption tax. On June 26, after a divisive debate among his party members, Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda and his supporters in the ruling Democratics introduced a bill doubling the consumption tax - timed to divert public attention from the deteriorating conditions at Fukushima No.1 nuclear plant. If the videoclip is indeed of a collapsed Reactor 4, then Japan and the rest of the world are in for a long hot summer and much worse ahead.

See the whole article at RENSE.COM

See the video of the demolition of the remaining structure:

Tepco Nuclear Plant Fukushima, Japan Reactor 4 Demolition!

BeePeeOilDisaster BeePeeOilDisaster

Reactor building before and after collapse

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Moyshe Shimel "On a wooden bench"

אויף אַ הילצערנער באַנק
דאָ, אויף דער הילצערנער באַנק,
וועלן מיר וואַרטן אויפן זון-פאַרגאַנג.
ווי מיט טויזנטער יאָרן צוריק מיר האָבן געוואַרט.
ער וועט קומען באַשטימט. ער האָט אונז קײנמאָל נאָך נישט אָפּגענאַרט.

מיר האָבן שוין אַדורכגעמאַכט אַזוי פיל מײלן...
איצט כוואַליעט זיך דער אָוונט איבער אונז מיט שטויבן גאָלד –
איצט קאָנען מיר זיך שטיל דערצײלן,
שטיל און שײן
וועגן דעם, וואָס מיר האָבן געוואָלט

און וועגן דעם, וואָס וועט נישט זײן.
גרויס איז די מי.

דערלאַנג מיר, טײערע, דײן האַנט אין אָוונט-גלי.

דערלײז, פאַרגיב מיר און פאַרשטײ – –
ווײל גײן מיט אױגן אָפענע טוט  ווײ...

Who’s Your Favorite Anti Semite?

Brother Nathanael's Tour De Force!

See more of Brother Nathanael's videos and articles at RealZionistNews

Odd Bedfellows Unite Against Obama

Conservatives, radicals, centrists, birthers, Zionists join to challenge president
By Michael Collins Piper

Barack Obama’s fight to win reelection just got tougher. One of his biggest critics, one of the world’s richest, most powerful women—Lady Lynn de Rothschild of New York and London—has not only endorsed Republican Mitt Romney, but she also pulled the plug on Americans Elect (AE), the proposed “centrist” third party of which she was one of the chief sponsors.

Although the establishment media loudly noted in recent reports that AE folded up shop after having spent at least $35M in Wall Street-financed organizing efforts, those reports did not mention that the primary reason AE collapsed was because Lady de Rothschild—the American-born wife of Sir Evelyn Rothschild of the international banking dynasty and a key figure in the global elite in her own right—had decided Romney was acceptable as the GOP’s nominee.

While AE postured as a “grass-roots” effort to break partisan gridlock in America, the truth is that Lady de Rothschild and a clique of elite figures from the Rothschild sphere of influence on Wall Street and in the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)—of which she is a member—had set AE in motion in the first place.

The intent of such a centrist party at the time was to defeat Obama and any potential GOP nominee, who did not meet the standards of the Rothschild family and its circles
While Lady de Rothschild had backed former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman—a fervent internationalist—for the GOP nomination, his campaign was fading well before the first primary battle. As far back as Dec. 19—while both promoting Huntsman’s aspirations and providing pivotal support for AE’s centrist party efforts—Lady de Rothschild publicly told the popular news website the Huffington Post she would back Romney if Huntsman eventually withdrew.

Not a month later, while holding a fundraiser for Huntsman at her apartment in Manhattan, she told The Washington Post she would support Romney if he did win the GOP nomination, which, at that point, was still not assured.

The Secret US/Japan Nuclear Program

Joseph Trento James Corbett

In the wake of the renewal of political platitudes about nuclear arms reduction at the Nuclear Summit in Korea earlier this year, a painstaking decades-long investigation reveals how the United States broke its own laws to supply Japan with 70 tons of weapons grade plutonium for a secret Japanese nuclear weapons program that has been in action since the 1960s.
Investigative reporter Joseph Trento of the National Security News Service joins us to discuss this report and its ramifications.
This is the GRTV Feature Interview with your host James Corbett and our special guest Joseph Trento.

West Desperately Attempts to Spin Syrian Crisis

Latest fabrications includes defected "air force officer" with "super human" hearing and sight, and miraculous satellite imaging

THE HOULA MASSACRE: Opposition Terrorists "Killed Families Loyal to the Government"

Global Research Editor's Note
This incisive report by independent Russian journalist Marat Musin dispels the lies and fabrications of the Western media.

The report is based on a chronology of events as well as eyewitness accounts.  Entire pro-government families in Houla were massacred. The terrorists were not pro-government shabbiha militia as conveyed, in chorus, by the mainstream media, they were in large part mercenaries and professional killers operating under the auspices of the self-proclaimed Free Syrian Army (FSA):

"When the rebels seized the lower checkpoint in the center of town and located next to the local police department, they began to sweep all the families loyal to the authorities in neighboring houses, including the elderly, women and children.

Several families of the Al-Sayed were killed, including 20 young children and the family of Abdul Razak. The people were killed with knives and shot at point blank range.

Then they presented the murdered [corpses] to the UN and the international community as victims of bombings by the Syrian army, something that was not verified by any marks on their bodies."

We call on our readers to forward this report far and wide, post it on facebook. .

The massacre in Houla is being blamed on the Syrian government without a shred of evidence. The objective is not only to isolate Syria politically and economically, but to develop a pretext and a justification for waging an R2P humanitarian war on Syria.

The US Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice has hinted that if the Security Council does not act, the US and its allies may consider "taking actions outside of the Annan plan and the authority of the [UN Security] Council.”

This report by Marat Musin confirms that crimes against humanity are being committed by terrorist militia.

It is essential to reverse the tide of war propaganda which uses civilian deaths as a pretext to wage war, when those killings of civilians were carried out not by government forces but by professional terrorists operating under the helm of the US-NATO sponsored Free Syrian Army.

Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research, Montreal, June 1, 2012

In the weekend of May 25, 2012, at about 2 PM, big groups of fighters attacked and captured the town of Al – Hula of the Homs province. Al-Houla is made up of three regions: the village of Taldou, Kafr Laha and Taldahab, each of which had previously been home for 25-30 thousand people.

The town was attacked from the north-east by groups of bandits and mercenaries, numbering up to 700 people. The militants came from Ar-Rastan (the Brigade of al-Farouk from the Free Syrian Army led by the terrorist Abdul Razak Tlass and numbering 250), from the village of Akraba (led by the terrorist Yahya Al-Yousef), from the village Farlaha, joined by local gangsters, and from Al Houla.
The city of Ar-Rastan has long been abandoned by most civilians. Now Wahhabis from Lebanon dominate the scene, fueled with money and weapons by one of the main orchestrators of international terrorism, Saad Hariri, who heads the anti-Syrian political movement “Tayyar Al-Mustaqbal” (“Future Movement”). The road from Ar-Rastan to Al-Houla runs through Bedouin areas that remain mostly out of control of government troops, which made the militant attacks on Al Hula a complete surprise for the Syrian authorities.
When the rebels seized the lower checkpoint in the center of town and located next to the local police department, they began to sweep all the families loyal to the authorities in neighboring houses, including the elderly, women and children. Several families of the Al-Sayed were killed, including 20 young children and the family of the Abdul Razak. Many of those killed were “guilty” of the fact that they dared to change from Sunnis to Shiites. The people were killed with knives and shot at point blank range. Then they presented the murdered to the UN and the international community as victims of bombings by the Syrian army, something that was not verified by any marks on their bodies.
The idea that the UN observers had heard artillery fire against Al-Houla in the Safir Hotel in Homs at night… I consider nothing short of a bad joke. 50 kilometers lie between Homs and Al-Houla. What kind of tanks or guns has this range? Yes, there was intensive gunfire in Homs until 3 am, including heavy weapons. But, to give an example, on the night of Monday to Tuesday shooting was due to an attempt by law enforcement to regain control for a security corridor along the road to Damascus, Tarik Al-Sham.
After a visual inspection of Al Hula it is impossible to find traces of any of fresh destruction, bombing and shelling. During the day, several attacks by gunmen are made on the last remaining soldiers at the Taldou checkpoint. Militants used heavy weapons and snipers made up of professional mercenaries were active.
Note that once, the exactly same provocation failed at Shumar (Homs) and 49 militants and women and children were killed, when it was organized just before a visit of Kofi Annan. The last provocation was immediately exposed as soon as it became known that the bodies of the previously kidnapped belonged to Alawites. This provocation also contained serious inconsistencies – the names of those killed were from people loyal to the authorities, there were no traces of bombings, etc.
However, the provocation machine is running all the same. Today, the NATO countries directly threat to bomb Syria, and a simultaneous expulsion of Syrian diplomats has begun … As of today, there are no troops within the city of Al Hula, but there are regularly heard bursts of automatic fire, nonetheless. Moreover, it is unclear whether the militants are fighting with each other, or whether supporters of Bashar al-Assad are being cleaned out.

Militants opened fire on virtually everyone who tries to get closer to the border town. Before us a UN convoy was fired upon and two armored jeeps of the UN observers were damaged, when they tried to drive up to an army checkpoint in Tal Dow.
In the attack on the convoy a twenty-year-old terrorist was spotted. The fire was directed on the unprotected slopes of the first jeep, the back door of the second armored car was hooked by a fragment. There are wounded among those accompanying.

According to a wounded soldier:

“The next day, UN observers came to us at the checkpoint and as soon as they arrived, gunmen opened fire on them. And three of us were injured. One was wounded in the leg, the second – in the back, and I was hit in the hip.
When the observers came, they could hear a woman who was standing next to them and cried, the woman stood and pleaded the observers’ help – to protect her from the bandits. When I was wounded, the observers watched as I fell, but none of them tried to help. Our checkpoint no longer exists. There are no civilians any longer in Taldou, only militants remain. Our relationship to the locals was excellent. They are very good to us; they called on the army to enter Taldou. We were attacked by snipers.”
Unfortunately, many of the militants are professional snipers. 100-200 meters from our group TV-crew, militants attacked a BMP that went to replace soldiers at the checkpoint. During this a soldier – draftee got a concussion and slight tangential wound in the head by a sniper bullet. Looking at the pierced Kevlar helmet, it seems he did not even realize that he survived by a miracle.
Snipers kill up to 10 soldiers and policemen at checkpoints each day. It is true, that the daily casualties of law enforcement agencies in Homs were dozens of victims daily. But, unfortunately, at 10 am, six dead soldiers were taken to the morgue. Most were killed by a shot in the head. And the day had just begun…
So, these are the names of those were killed by snipers in the early morning hours of May 29:
1. Sergeant Ibrahim Halyuf
2. Sergeant Salman Ibrahim
3. Policeman Mahmoud Danaver
4. Conscript Ali Daher
5. Sergeant Wisam Haidar
6. the dead soldier’s family name could not be clarified
The bandits even fired an automatic burst on our group of journalists, although it was clear that this is a normal filming crew, consisting of unarmed civilians.
After Friday prayers at about 2 PM on May, 25th a group from the Al Aksh clan started firing on a checkpoint of law enforcement officers from mortars and rocket-propelled grenades. Returning fire from a BRDM hit the mosque, and this was the very aim to lead to a bigger provocation.
Then, two groups of militants led by the terrorist Nidal Bakkour and Al-Hassan from the Al Hallak clan, supported by a unit of mercenaries, attacked the upper checkpoint on the eastern outskirts of the city. At 15.30 the upper checkpoint was taken, and all the prisoners executed: a Sunni conscript had his throat cut, while Abdullah Shaui (Bedouin) of Deir-Zor was burned alive.
During the attack on the upper checkpoint in the east, the armed men lost 25 people, which were then submitted to the UN observers, together with the 108 dead civilians – “victims of the regime”, allegedly killed by bombing and shelling of the Syrian army. As for the remaining 83 bodies, including 38 young children, they were from the families that were executed by militants. These families were all loyal to the government of Syria.


with a law enforcement officer:

“My name is Al Khosam, I am a law enforcement officer. I served in the village of Taldou, the district of Al-Houla, a province of Homs. On Friday, our checkpoint was attacked by a large group of militants. There were thousands.
Q: How do you protect yourself?

Answer: A simple weapon. We had 20 people, we called support, and when they were coming for us, I was wounded, and regained consciousness in the hospital. The attackers were from Ar-Rastan and Al-Hula. Insurgents control Taldou. They burned houses and killed people by the families, because they were loyal to the government. Raped the women and killed the children.”
Interview with a wounded soldier:
“I am Ahmed Mahmoud al Khali. I’m from the city Manbej. Was wounded in Taldou. I come from a support group that came to the aid of our comrades, who were stationed at the checkpoint.
Militants destroyed two infantry fighting vehicles and one BRDM standing at our checkpoint. We moved out to Taldou in a BMP, to pick up our wounded comrades from the checkpoint within the city. We drove them back in the BMP, and I filled in their place.
And after a while the UN observers came. They came to us, we led them to the homes of families who were cut by thugs.
I saw a family of three brothers and their father in the same room. In another room we found dead young children and their mother. And another one- an old man killed in this house. Only five men, women and children. The woman raped and shot in the head, I covered her with a blanket. And the commission had seen them all. They put them in the car and drove away. I do not know where they took them, probably for burial.”
A resident of Taldou on the roof of the police department:
“On Friday afternoon I was home. Hearing the shots, I came out to watch what was happening and saw that the fire came from the north side, towards the location of army checkpoint. As the army did not respond, they started to approach the homes, were subsequently the family was killed. When the army started to return fire, they used the women and children as human shields and continued firing at the checkpoint. When the army began answered, they fled. After that, the army took the surviving women and children and brought them into safety. At this time, Al Jazeera aired pictures and said that the Army committed the massacre at Al Hula.
In fact, they killed the civilians and children in Al-Hula. The bandits did not allow anyone to carry out their work. They steal everything that they can get their hands on: wheat, flour, oil and gas. Most of the fighters are from the city of Ar Rastan.”

After they captured the city, they carried the bodies of their dead comrades, as well as the bodies of people and the children they killed to the mosque. They carried the bodies in KIA pickups. On May, 25th, at around 8 PM, the corpses were already in the mosque. The next day at 11 o’clock in the morning the UN observers arrived at the mosque.
Media Disinformation
To exert pressure on public opinion and change the positions of Russia and China, texts and subtitles in Russian and Chinese languages were prepared in advance, reading: “Syria – Homs – the city of Hula. A terrible massacre perpetrated by the armed forces of the Syrian regime against civilians in the town of Houla. Dozens of victims and their number is growing, mainly women and children, brutally killed by indiscriminate bombing of the CITY.”
Two days later, on May 27, after the residents’ stories and video recordings made showed that the facts do not support the allegation of shelling and bombing, the bandits’ videos had undergone significant changes. At the end of the text appeared this postscript: “And some were killed with knives.”
Marat Musin, Olga Kulygina, Al-Houla, Syria

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What A Wonderful NWO World

´s Youtube Channel. Thanks!

Is Iran the Problem or is it rather Israel? - a vid by Anthony Lawson

This video by the great Anthony Lawson is a must see:

"International Bureau of Double Standards - The CNN / Iran File"

QUOTES near end of the video –

“Israeli driven sanctions against Iran are having a disastrous affect on the worlds economy.” –

“To ignore the effect of sanctions against Iran, (a nation with an estimated 10% of the world’s total proven petroleum reserves, the world’s 4th largest oil produce) is out-and-out economic insanity.” –

 “Who are the Enemies Inside the Gate of My Country?” –

“Who are the politicians, the so-called journalists and the “expert” commentators who are selling my future and that of my children for the proverbial Thirty Pieces of Silver?” –

“To me, it is evident that a majority of the practitioners and supporters of Zionism are racist, elitist and intolerant of those who hold different views and opinions from their own.”

Anthony Lawson's Youtube channel

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"Obama a serious danger to Jews and to Israel”

Major Media Suppressing Obama Assassination Story

By Michael Collins Piper

As AFP predicted in the Feb. 6 edition, the call by the publisher of The Atlanta Jewish Times, Andrew Adler, for Israel’s Mossad to utilize its American-based assets to assassinate Barack Obama has been almost entirely suppressed by the mainstream media. In contrast, the story has been big news in Israel and widely reported in Jewish community newspapers all across America.

Most astonishing—in response to Adler’s provocation—is that there are many Jewish writers openly acknowledging there is a deep hatred for Obama within the Jewish community, which most Americans presume to be strongly supportive of the president.

A widely circulated analysis originating on Jan. 24 with the influential Jewish Telegraph Agency (JTA), admitted Adler’s remarks were “an extreme expression of a viewpoint that carries great currency among Obama’s Jewish critics: that the president represents a serious danger to Jews and to Israel,” adding that “while few of those critics might go as far as Adler, it doesn’t take much discussion in certain Jewish circles to find those who see something far more sinister in Obama than a president whose policies are bad for the Jews and Israel.”

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Wayne MADSEN | 01.02.2012 | 00:00


Welcome to the new INTERPOL – the International Criminal Police Organization -- a carbon copy of the INTERPOL that was briefly headquartered in Berlin under the Nazi regime. Today, INTERPOL, an international law enforcement agency composed of 190 members nations, INTERPOL, headquartered in Lyon, France, is under the control of Secretary General Ron K. Noble, a former Undersecretary for Enforcement of the U.S. Treasury Department. Under Noble, INTERPOL is tracking political dissidents while leaving gangsters and other criminals, especially those wanted by Russia, remain at large.

Noble was the head of the Treasury Department’s “Waco Administrative Review Team,” which covered up the actions of his Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms in their siege of the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas. That siege resulted in the deaths of 84 members of the separatist Seventh Day Adventist sect, including their leader David Koresh, and four of Noble’s BATF agents in a deadly shootout that was followed by the burning down of the sect’s compound. 

In 2000, Noble was elected the first American Secretary General of INTERPOL. He is now in his third term. Perhaps it was fitting that Noble was re-elected INTERPOL Secretary General in 2005 at the INTERPOL General Assembly in Berlin. In 1942, INTERPOL headquarters were moved from Vienna to Berlin. From 1938, following the Austrian union with Nazi Germany, INTERPOL’s Secretaries General included four German SS generals: Otto Stenhausl, Gestapo and Sicherheitsdienst (SD) Security Service chief Reinhard Heydrich – assassinated in a Prague suburb by Czechoslovak agents in 1942, Arthur Nebe – head of the KRIPO criminal police and executed for his part to assassinated Adolf Hitler in 1944, and Ernst Kaltenbrunner – executed for war crimes after the Nuremburg trials.

During INTERPOL’s control by Nazi generals, the international law enforcement organization became a virtual arm of Nazi German intelligence. Today, the so-called international law enforcement organization is a subsidiary of not only American intelligence, but the intelligence and security services of its dictatorial member states. 

Noble, an African-American, who, like his friend and fellow African-American, Attorney General Eric Holder, makes no effort to hide his reverence for police state tactics in the United States and abroad, has embarked on a tolerance for INTERPOL member states issuing arrest warrants for political dissidents.

Noble, who is the son of an African-American father and a white German mother, represents a new cadre of police state-oriented mulatto U.S. leaders. This tendency among a new generation of African-American political leaders can also seen with Barack Obama, the son of a black African father and white American mother and Holder, the off-spring of light-skinned Barbadian parents hailing from a gentry descendant from wealthy sugar cane plantation owners and their slave hands. Noble has been mentioned as a strong candidate to replace Robert Mueller as the director of the FBI, thus continuing the grooming of “pass-for-white” security state promoters and defenders into positions of authority.

On December1, 2011, INTERPOL issued a Red Notice arrest warrant for West Papua independence leader Benny Wenda, the Oxford-educated leader of the Free West Papua who is now a citizen of the United Kingdom. Wenda heads the Free West Papua Campaign and lives in exile with his family in the United Kingdom. Wenda is fighting for the independence of his homeland from Indonesia, which annexed the former Dutch New Guinea after a dubious 1969 plebiscite organized by the United Nations. The Free Papua Movement (OPM), which Indonesia charges Wenda supports, has waged a campaign against Indonesian security forces, some of whom are in West Papua to protect the activities of the U.S. mining company Freeport McMoran, a company on whose board former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has served upon. West Papuan activists charge that Freeport McMoran has achieved a concordat with the Indonesian government to suppress the activities of the OPM and its allies, in order to protect the firm’s mining interests in the territory.

President Barack Obama’s Indonesian step-father, Lolo Soetoro, was in charge of an Indonesian army unit assigned to put down the rebellion in West Papua. In the late 1960s, Soetoro was assigned to a unit preventing West Papuans from receiving support from their Papuan comrades in Papua New Guinea, then an Australian colony.

Noble, by issuing the Red Notice, is essentially requiring the UK and any other nation where Wenda visits to arrest the activist with the provision that he be extradited to face trial in Indonesia where he is considered an “enemy of the state.” The Wenda case is not the only one in which Noble and his staff, which includes senior counsel Yoran Gottlieb appears more interested in protecting Israeli leaders wanted for war crimes and Russian Jewish oligarchs on the lam from Russian authorities than in applying the provisions of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights pursuant to Article 2 of INTERPOL’s constitution. 

INTERPOL enjoys diplomatic immunity and extraterritorial rights in France and INTERPOL’s activities, including the amassing of huge data bases on people around the world, are exempt from French laws like the 1978 act governing the protection and use of personal data. Pursuant to a December 17, 2009, executive order issued by President Obama, INTERPOL was granted increased immunity when operating within the borders of the United States, including protection from law suits by American citizens and residents, including political refugees and asylum seekers, affected by INTERPOL’s arrest and surveillance orders.
U.S. citizens are barred from accessing files maintained on them by INTERPOL since subpoenas, Freedom of Information and Privacy Act requests, or even legal search warrants do not apply to the organization, thanks to Obama’s executive order.

The result of Obama’s executive order providing INTERPOL with such immunity is that INTERPOL agents operating in the United States, including FBI agents seconded to INTERPOL, enjoy virtual diplomatic immunity and operate above U.S. law. Current Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich pointed out the danger to American citizens arising from Obama’s executive order in asking, “Why would the President of the United States give that kind of extralegal protection to an international police force?”

The United States has routinely arrested individuals based on flimsy Red Notices issued by foreign dictatorships, most of which are clients of the United States. In the United States INTERPOL is represented by a National Central Bureau (NCB), which is operated by the FBI. The NCB has routinely ignored the political nature of INTERPOL Red Notices and Blue Notices – requests to closely track and conduct covert surveillance on wanted individuals – to arrest and deport Rwandan opposition political leaders arbitrarily fingered as “genocidists” by Rwandan dictator and U.S. ally Paul Kagame. On the other hand, Russian Red Notices for Russian-Israeli oligarchs like Leonid Nevzlin, wanted for murder by the Prosecutor General for Russia, go unheeded by Washington, which has granted Nevzlin a visa to travel between the United States and Israel at his convenience. The United States has also ignored INTERPOL Red Notices for the arrest of associates of the jailed Russian tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky. As with Nevzlin, the two wanted ex-Yukos oil and gas company businessmen, Mikhail Brudno, a resident of Israel and Lithuania, and Vladimir Dubov, who also lives in Israel, have been issued visas to travel to and from the United States at their leisure. INTERPOL fugitive and exiled Russian-Israeli tycoon Boris Berezovsky has also managed to avoid arrest thanks to protection from the United Kingdom and Israel. 

It is more than apparent that Noble and Gottlieb sit in the massive INTERPOL headquarters in Lyon to protect the interests of members of the “club,” including the United States, Israel, Indonesia, Rwanda, China, Bahrain, Sweden, Maldives, and Sri Lanka. Usually, political dissidents are subject to Red Notice arrest warrants on trumped up charges that they have committed fraud or are engaged in money laundering. In some cases, businessmen and politicians are subject to a Red Notice for failing to pay a bribe to corrupt police officials to avoid a Red Notice. 

The bottom line in dealing with Noble’s INTERPOL is if you are a political dissident like Benny Wenda wanted for seeking independence for your people, you face arrest. However, if you are a Russian-Israeli oligarch who has looted the Soviet and Russian Treasuries of billions of rubles, you are home free. Noble has certainly earned his points with the elites who run the planet.

There is no reason for an American, with his open and hidden agendas, to serve as Secretary General of INTERPOL. In his State of the Union address, President Obama declared that those who believed American is in decline “don’t know what they’re talking about.” To the contrary, Obama doesn’t know what he’s talking about. America is in decline as a superpower and it is high time that Americans no longer be granted automatic lordship over such institutions as the World Bank, INTERPOL, and the military command of NATO. In fact, all three institutions can do the proper thing and dissolve themselves or be prepared to be dissolved.


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How to Get Ron Paul Elected

Tulsa Grassroots RON PAUL Campaign Office
January 16, 2012

How do you get Ron Paul elected President spending just a few hours of your time? We at the Tulsa Grassroots Ron Paul Campaign Headquarters have been feverishly helping supporters of Ron Paul plug into their precincts to impact the nominating process at the grassroots level. Why? The bottom line is this. No matter what the numbers in the popular vote are for each state’s primary election, the issue is whether Dr. Paul will have the needed delegates to be nominated for President at the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

The process is so easy, it’s like falling off a log. It varies some from state to state. Here in Oklahoma, we have neighborhood precincts. Because of political apathy, approximately 70% of these Tulsa County Precincts have no leadership. The precincts are unmanned and waiting for a citizen to volunteer to preside in their precinct and become a delegate to the county convention. The next step would be to volunteer for the Oklahoma State GOP Convention, if you like, so you would be eligible to go to the National GOP Convention to represent Dr. Paul.

At this point I would like to make an appeal for all Infowars listeners to claim a chair for Liberty at their state conventions to nominate Ron Paul for President. You must call your county GOP office right away to volunteer at the precinct level. Time is so short, especially for residents in March 6th Super Tuesday states such as Oklahoma and fifteen other states. For example, precinct meeting deadline in Tulsa County is February 4th. This process begins at the precinct level.

This is easy. You must do this to support Ron Paul to secure him the Republican Presidential Nomination for 2012 in August.

For Further Information Please Contact:

Tulsa Grassroots RON PAUL Campaign Office

2416 East 51st Street, Tulsa, OK

Friday, January 13, 2012

America Is Falling Apart: Some Statistics

24 Statistics To Show To Anyone Who Believes That America Has A Bright Economic Future 

 The article comes from Economics Collapse Blog

The Economic Collapse

Thursday, January 12, 2012
Beware of bubbles of false hope.  Right now there is a lot of talk about how the U.S. economy is improving, but it is all a lie.  The mainstream media can be very seductive.  When you sit down to watch television your brain tends to go into a very relaxed mode.

In such a state, it becomes easy to slip thoughts and ideas past your defenses.  Sometimes when I am watching television I realize what the media is trying to do and yet I can still feel it happening to me.  In this day and age, it is absolutely critical that we all think for ourselves.  When you look at the long-term trends and the long-term numbers, a much different picture of the U.S economy emerges than the one that is painted for us on television.  Over the long-term, the number of good jobs in America has been steadily going down.  Over the long-term, the number of Americans living in poverty and living on food stamps has been steadily going up.  Over the past couple of decades, tens of thousands of businesses, millions of jobs and trillions of dollars of our national wealth have gone out of the country.  Our debt is nearly 15 times larger than it was 30 years ago, and U.S. consumer debt has soared by 1700% over the past 40 years.  Year after year the rate of inflation goes up faster than our incomes do, and this is absolutely devastating the middle class.  Anyone who believes that we can keep doing the same things that we have been doing and yet America will still have a bright economic future is delusional.  Until the long-term trends which are taking the U.S. economy straight into the toilet are reversed, any talk of a bright economic future is absolute nonsense.
In America today, we have such a short-term focus.  We are all so caught up with what is happening right now.  Our attention spans seem to get shorter every single year.  At this point it would not be hard to argue that kittens have longer attention spans than most of us do.  (If you have ever owned a kitten you know how short their attention spans can be.)  Things have gotten so bad that most of our high school students cannot even answer the most basic questions about our history.  If people are not talking about it on Facebook or Twitter it is almost as if it does not even matter.
But any serious student of history knows that is is absolutely crucial to examine long-term trends.  And when you look at the long-term trends, it rapidly becomes apparent that the U.S. economy is in the midst of a nightmarish long-term decline.
The following are 24 statistics to show to anyone who believes that America has a bright economic future….
#1 Inflation is a silent tax that steals wealth from all of us.  We continue to shell out increasing amounts of money for the basic things that we need, and yet our incomes are not keeping pace.  Just check out the following example.  Gasoline prices have been trending higher for several years in a row as one bloggerrecently noted….
January 2009           $1.65
January 2010           $2.57
January 2011           $3.04
January 2012           $3.29
#2 If you can believe it, the average American household spent approximately$4,155 on gasoline during 2011.
#3 Electricity bills in the United States have risen faster than the overall rate of inflation for five years in a row.
#4 Health care costs continue to rise at a very alarming pace.  According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, health care costs accounted for just 9.5% of all personal consumption back in 1980.  Today they account for approximately16.3%.
#5 Getting a college education has also become insanely expensive in America.  After adjusting for inflation, U.S. college students are borrowing about twice as much money as they did a decade ago.
#6 To get the same purchasing power that you got out of $20.00 back in 1970 you would have to have more than $116 today.
#7 To get the same purchasing power that you got out of $20.00 back in 1913 you would have to have more than $457 today.
#8 There are fewer payroll jobs in the United States today than there were back in 2000 even though we have added more than 30 million extra people to the population since then.
#9 The U.S. economy is bleeding millions of good jobs.  Greedy CEOs are systematically shipping them overseas and our politicians are standing around and doing nothing about it.  This has gone on year after year after year.  The following is from a recent article by Paul Craig Roberts….
In the first decade of the 21st century, Americans lost 5,500,000 manufacturing jobs. US employment in the manufacture of computer and electronic products fell by 40%; in the production of machinery by 30%, in motor vehicles and and parts by 44%, and in the manufacture of clothing by 66%.
#10 Our economic infrastructure is being torn apart right in front of our eyes.  In 2010, an average of 23 manufacturing facilities a day shut down in the United States.  Overall, more than 56,000 manufacturing facilities in the United States have shut down since 2001.
We have made it legal for big corporations to send millions of jobs to countries where it is legal to pay slave labor wages, where the tax burden is much lighter and where there are barely any regulations.  The following is a brief excerpt from a recent article posted on Economy in Crisis….
Back in the ‘80s, I called my friend Walter in California and asked: “On your next expansion we need a plant in South Carolina.” Walter replied: “We don’t produce anything in the United States. It’s all in China. China furnishes you the plant on a year-to-year basis. If your investment works out, you don’t have to pay any corporate tax; just reinvest it for another plant and more profit. If it doesn’t work out, you can walk away with no legacy costs. I send a quality controller to watch production. I check on it every day. I don’t have any labor, health, safety, or environmental concerns, and have time to play a round of golf.” The bleeding of jobs off-shore started in the ‘80s — now hemorrhages under Bush and Obama. Waiting for the economy to bounce back; calling this “the worst recession” is a bum rap. The reason the economy hasn’t bounced back since 2008 is because the economy is being off-shored.
#11 As a result of our insane economic policies, our trade balances are absolutely exploding.  For example, the U.S. trade deficit with China in 2010was 27 times larger than it was back in 1990.
#12 As you read this, there are millions of Americans out there wondering why they can’t find any jobs.  According to Reuters, 23.7 million American workers are either unemployed or underemployed right now.
#13 The number of good jobs has been steadily shrinking in America.  Since the year 2000, the United States has lost 10% of its middle class jobs.  In the year 2000 there were about 72 million middle class jobs in the United States but today there are only about 65 million middle class jobs.
#14 Over the last three decades, the percentage of low income jobs has consistently risen.  Back in 1980, less than 30% of all jobs in the United States were low income jobs.  Today, more than 40% of all jobs in the United States are low income jobs.
#15 The number of middle class neighborhoods also continues to decline.  In 1970, 65 percent of all Americans lived in “middle class neighborhoods”.  By 2007, only 44 percent of all Americans lived in “middle class neighborhoods”.
#16 A decade ago, the United States was ranked number one in average wealth per adult.  By 2010, the United States had fallen to seventh.
#17 Our incomes continue to go down.  Since December 2007, median household income in the United States has declined by a total of 6.8% once you account for inflation.
#18 Unfortunately, middle class Americans have been seeing their incomes decline for a very long time.  According to one study, between 1969 and 2009 the median wages earned by American men between the ages of 30 and 50 dropped by 27 percent after you account for inflation.
#19 Since 1971, consumer debt in the United States has increased by a whopping 1700%.  Unfortunately, U.S. consumers have still not learned how to stay out of debt.  According to a recent article posted on Financial Armageddon, the rate of personal savings in the United States is rapidly falling right now at the same time that the total amount of consumer credit is absolutely skyrocketing.
#20 The number of children living in poverty in America keeps rising year after year. The percentage of children living in poverty in the United States increased from 16.9 percent in 2006 to nearly 22 percent in 2010.
#21 The number of Americans on food stamps continues to set new all-time records.  Just check out the following progression….
October 2008: 30.8 million Americans on food stamps
October 2009: 37.6 million Americans on food stamps
October 2010: 43.2 million Americans on food stamps
October 2011: 46.2 million Americans on food stamps
#22 The U.S. debt problem has gotten completely and totally out of control.  Recently, the debt of the federal government surpassed 100% of GDP for the first time ever.
#23 During the Obama administration, the U.S. government has accumulated more debt than it did from the time that George Washington took office to the time that Bill Clinton took office.
#24 Barack Obama’s proposed 2012 budget projects that the national debt will rise to 26 trillion dollars a decade from now.  And his budget numbers are ridiculously optimistic.
Are you starting to get the picture?
All of the long-term economic numbers are progressively getting worse.
As the economy continues to crumble, large numbers of Americans are becoming really desperate.  For example, a recent Mother Jones article detailed how large numbers of formerly middle class Americans are now actually growing marijuana in an effort to make ends meet.
As things continue to get worse, people will become even more desperate.  There are millions of people out there that find themselves unable to pay the mortgage and put food on the table for their families.  When people hit rock bottom, they often find themselves doing things that they never dreamed that they would do.
Meanwhile, the big Wall Street banks just keep getting larger and more powerful.  We have allowed the “too big to fail” banks to become much bigger than they have ever been before.  The total assets of the six largest U.S. banks increased by 39 percent between September 30, 2006 and September 30, 2011.
Wealth is becoming increasingly concentrated at the very top even as the overall economic pie in America continues to get smaller.
As our economic problems become worse, more Americans than ever are trying to find ways to “escape”.
For example, according to one new government report one out of every six adults in America is a binge drinker.
Other Americans “tune out” by watching endless hours of television, by playing endless hours of video games or by indulging in endless hours of other forms of entertainment.
There are even some Americans that are giving up completely.  For example, one elderly man actually robbed a bank just so that he could get arrested and be taken to prison where he would get free health care.
But as I have written about previously, now is not the time to give up.  Instead, now is the time to prepare for the great challenges that are ahead.
Almost every generation in history has been faced with great challenges and great hardships at some point.
Yes, there will be some incredibly hard times ahead, but that also means that there will be a need for some great heroes.
Just because the U.S. economy is falling apart does not mean that life is over.
We are living during one of the most exciting times in all of human history.  Instead of cowering in fear, let us embrace these times and focus on becoming the people that we were created to be.

Jewish Money Tabs Romney & Obama

By Brother Nathanael Kapner

“TOP LEVEL JEWISH FUNDRAISERS are sticking with Obama,” reports the popular Jewish Daily Forward.
The article points out that although Obama faces a loss of Jewish funders due to his Middle East policy, his Jewish supporters from his 2008 race show no defections for 2012.

“ROMNEY’S JEWISH BACKERS are a who’s who of the Republican Jewish establishment,” reports the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

“Every major Jewish Republican fundraiser is with Mitt,” says Houston Lawyer, Fred Zeidman, a leading donor to the Romney campaign. And Jewish shopping center mogul, Mel Sembler, is also on board (along with hundreds of his RICH Jewish friends), to catapult the mannequin into the Oval Office.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta: Iran is not developing nuclear weapons.

All the tin hats that disputed Ron Paul’s position that Iran was not developing nuclear weapons can now hear the same thing from US Secretary of Defense. Please consider Panetta admits Iran not developing nukes.

U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta let slip on Sunday the big open secret that Washington war hawks don’t want widely known: Iran is not developing nuclear weapons.
Read the story HERE

Yes, Jon Huntsman was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations

Given Jon Huntsman’s recent attacks on Ron Paul (including his last week’s shameful “false-flag”-style dirty trick), and the media’s sudden decision to shower him with positive press in a transparent effort to manufacture a “Huntsman surge” self-fulfilling prophecy, a lot people have been wondering: Is he, or has he ever been, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)?

The answer is yes.

Read the story HERE

White Obama - An Obomination

Kurt Nimmo
January 11, 2012

Mitt Romney, the establishment declared GOP front-runner, is the white Obama. He earns this title because on crucial issues he mirrors Barack Obama. Consider:

Climate agenda and carbon taxes:

He has stated that the theory of anthropogenic global warming is real. In 2005, as governor of Massachusetts, Romney imposed strict state limitations on carbon dioxide emissions from power plants. In a memo issued by Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor Kerry Hale, the Romney administration bragged that it was “the first and only state to set CO 2 emissions limits on power plants.”

In short, Romney did what Obama’s EPA wants to do now. It is revealing that Romney was advised on this drastic step by none other than Obama’s chief science adviser, John Holdren.

In his book, No Apology, Romney advocates carbon taxes through a “tax-swap plan” and declares that resultant “higher energy prices would encourage energy efficiency.” The plan is favored by economist and Romney adviser Greg Mankiw and many other “Republican-leaning economists.” In 2007, Mankiw wrote an op-ed for the New York Times entitled “One Answer to Global Warming: A New Tax.” He wrote that “if we want to reduce global emissions of carbon, we need a global carbon tax.”

Obama also wants to push a carbon tax on the American people and declared his intention to do so before he took office. “President elect Barack Obama used his speech at a Los Angeles summit last night to reinvigorate a push for the revival of a frightening proposal to slash carbon emissions by 80 per cent, a move that would inflict a new Great Depression, cost millions of jobs, and sink America to near third world status,” Paul Joseph Watson wrote on November 19, 2008.

Obama’s agenda to cut carbon emissions by 80 per cent fits right into the globalist plan to attain the ultimate civilization-killing goal of zero carbon emissions, as espoused by the Carnegie Institute.


In December, Romney told Fox News that he stands by the health care at gunpoint plan implemented while he was governor of Massachusetts. “The plan is not perfect, there are things that I’d change in it, but I’ll stand by the things we’ve done,” he said, defending the plan.

Obama and the Democrats were so enthralled with Romney’s statist health care boondoggle, they based their plan on it.

“Newly obtained White House records provide fresh details on how senior Obama administration officials used Mitt Romney’s landmark health-care law in Massachusetts as a model for the new federal law, including recruiting some of Romney’s own health care advisers and experts to help craft the act,” NBC reported last October.


Like a good Demopublican, Romney supported a woman’s “right” to kill her fetus – that is before, as a “conservative,” he changed his mind – or as it is usually called, he flip-flopped on the issue.

He was so adamant about abortion, he attended a Planned Parenthood fundraiser in 2004, but now supports the Pence amendment sponsored by Indiana Republican Rep. Mike Pence aimed at eliminating all Title X grants for Planned Parenthood. He even instituted tax-funded abortion on demand two years after his orchestrated “pro-life” conversion.

Obama, of course, is “pro-choice” and has appointed a number of outspoken pro-abortion advocates to his administration. If elected, no doubt Romney will do the same.

Illegal immigration:

Mitt claims to oppose illegal immigration, but does not advocate sending illegals back – or, apparently, even arresting them for breaking the law.

“Those people that are here illegally today should have the opportunity to register and to have their status identified,” he said in November.

He said nothing about illegal immigrants paying back taxes, learning English, not having criminal records, or being deported and going through legal channels for immigration.

Romney sounds a lot like Obama, who said: “I think most Americans feel there should be an orderly process to do it. People shouldn’t just be coming here and cutting in front of the line essentially and staying without having gone through the proper channels.”

Mitt Romney is basically indistinguishable from Obama and supports the same globalist agenda, albeit with “conservative” flourishes. His flip-flopping on key issues is designed to make his pre-arranged agenda more palatable to so-called conservatives, who will naturally be hoodwinked as they are every election cycle.

If elected, Romney will become the white Obama. The only job requirement will be an ability to convincingly read a teleprompter and follow orders handed down form his globalist masters the same as his predecessor.


Saturday, January 7, 2012

Santorum - The Enemy of Free Speech Since 2003, At Least

Schools Not Teaching Pro-Israel
Views To Lose Funding
Congress To Pass 'Ideological Diversity' Legislation

By Michael Collins Piper
American Free Press

Republican members of the Senate are planning to introduce police-state- style "thought control" legislation designed to prohibit criticism of Israel on American college campuses.
The third-ranking Republican member of the U.S. Senate, conservative Rick Santorum (Pa.), plans to introduce so-called "ideological diversity" legislation that would cut federal funding for thousands of American colleges and universities if those institutions are found to be permitting professors, students and student organizations to openly criticize Israel, which Santorum considers to be an act of "anti-Semitism."
Santorum wants to rewrite the federal funding formula under Title IX of the Higher Education Act to include "ideological diversity" as well as sexual equality in education as a perquisite for federal funding.
Joining Santorum is another Senate conservative GOP stalwart -- and a leading pro-Israel ideologue -- Sen. Sam Brownback (Kan.) who has his own scheme to call for a federal commission -- critics call it a "tribunal" to be established under Title IX to "investigate" anti-Semitic incidents on American campuses.
This is no "conspiracy theory." It's a fact -- but not one that is getting much attention except in a few high-level circles. Although the average American student or college professor has not heard of the Santorum-Brownback scheme, Wayne Firestone, director of the Center for Israel Affairs for the Hillel Foundation, says that "Everywhere I go, this is the lead topic. This is drawing a lot of interest."
In fact, it was Firestone's organization, Hillel -- which has units on campuses across America -- that first leaked word of Santorum's scheme. Further details appeared in a circumspect report on April 15 in the small- circulation New York Sun, a stridently pro-Israel "neo-conservative" daily published in Manhattan.
Hillel told its supporters that Santorum, along with several other members of the Senate, had invited representatives of a number of powerful Jewish organizations to attend a private meeting on Capitol Hill in order to discuss the senators' concerns about growing criticism of Israel on American college campuses.
The senators in question -- all Republicans -- were: Santorum, Robert Bennett (Utah), Sam Brownback (Kansas), and newly-elected Norm Coleman (Minnesota).
In addition, Senate Republican Majority Leader Bill Frist (Tenn.), and his GOP colleagues, Sens. Lindsey Graham (S.C.) and George Voinovich (Ohio) sent staff representatives.
Jewish organizations represented at the private meeting were the Anti- Defamation League (ADL) of B'nai B'rith, the Zionist Organization of America, the American Jewish Committee and Hillel, represented by the aforementioned Firestone and his college Jay Rubin, Hillel's executive vice president. Louis Goldstein, Deputy Assistant Secretary for the U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights, represented the Bush administration.
During the private Senate session -- of which there are no transcripts available to the taxpayers who footed the bill for the enterprise -- an ADL representative reportedly claimed to the gathering that the ADL's "annual audit" of anti-Semitic activity in America had detected an increase by 24% of anti-Semitism on U.S. college campuses in the year 2002. That 24% increase -- even by the ADL's own admission -- constituted only 21 actions.
However, the ADL definition of "anti-Semitism" is so broad that it largely includes even the mildest criticism of Israel that doesn't happened to be framed in the particular parameters that the ADL determines to be acceptable. In the meantime, word of the Santorum-Brownback initiative is spreading among leaders of the educational community.
However, spokesmen for universities and educational organizations are being quite circumspect about commenting too quickly or too loudly, recognizing that they, too, could be accused of encouraging "anti-Semitism" if they dare to speak out against the thought control mechanism that Santorum, Brownback and their allies want to set in place.
Santorum is rapidly emerging as one of Israel's leading Senate spokesmen. He is one of the chief co-sponsors of the so-called Syrian Accountability Act that accuses Syria of supporting terrorism and developing weapons of mass destruction and demands that Syria withdraw from Lebanon. Forces now clamoring for war against Syria are using these allegations as the foundation for launching a war against the Arab republic.
The legislation in question has not been passed but the article tells you all you need to know about the rat Santorum.