Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Blythe Masters is the most powerful woman alive on this planet today. She is so powerful that it can ruin any middle sized country in 30 seconds, just by making a few phone calls.

Her fame in the banking world is that it has reinvented the credit default swaps that transformed paper into gold, and whose heavy use by banks ended up triggering the greatest economic crisis in modern history. The Guardian of London has dubbed her
"The woman who invented the financial weapons of mass destruction. "

Blythe Masters is the attractive face of the crisis, one that paradoxically, the public does not know. Yet she is the center, the fixed point of a ruined financial system.

The new book written by Pierre Jovanovic describes how the crisis has been triggered and tries to predict what will happen in the future. It shows that Blythe Masters and the banks knew that the system would sink and had already prepared new plans.

Blythe Sally Jess Masters (born Oxford, England, 22 March 1969) is an economist and current head of global commodities at J.P. Morgan Chase.

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