Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Haaretz: Veterans Today Writer Is Just a “Conspiracy Theorist”

By Michael Leon (Veterans Today)
You know not to ask him about his service, but he’s pretty descriptive when he’s in the mood to talk.
Update: Writes an Israeli reader: “too bad you’re not in vietnanam (sic) exploded”. Hey Israeli reader, too bad American veterans that you so despise can’t declare war with the state of Israel and explode your ass!

One of his topics of concern now-a-days is the war-all-the-time obsession of the state of Israel. Predictably, this has earned him the enmity of a Haaretz columnist who brands Duff as a “conspiracy theorist” this morning.
So to all Israel Firsters:
Yes, Israel has no influence over American foreign policy.
Yes, Israel has no Lobby and no power over the U.S. Congress.
  • Israel has no intelligence agencies.
  • Israel has no propaganda machine.
  • Israel is not an occupying power in the occupied territories.
  • Israel does not bulldoze houses.
  • Israel did not kill Rachel Corrie.
  • Israel has never attacked Lebanon and Gaza.
  • Israel has a wonderful human rights record.
  • You get the point: Israel is just a poor country with no military, no imperial ambitions, and certainly nothing but love for Islamic people the world-over.
  • And that USS Liberty thing that has American veterans so upset: Never happened!

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