Saturday, December 25, 2010


Wikileaks was a conduit for a lot of material that the Wikileakers themselves could not identify or source. If an intelligence agency wanted to plant its own slanted “disclosures” in the welter of documents being dumped on the site, it would be only too easy to do.”

In my previous articles I pointed out the most obvious problems I have with WikiLeaks - the fact that its leaks seem to leave larger Zionist imperial goals untouched; its antagonistic stance to 9-11 truth; it frantic validation and promotion by major media; the falsity of many of its claims of confidentiality for leakers; the implausibility of its achievements absent intelligence or government connections; the contradictions between its public advocacy of transparency and its own secrecy; and the authoritarian tendencies in the writing and personality of its co-founder Julian Assange, tendencies that contradict the anarchist persona presented for public consumption.
In brief, to the question -  What is WikiLeaks?
My answer is -  Whatever it is, it has become a vehicle for disinformation.
Next, the companion question -
Who is behind WikiLeaks?

(my idea who that might be, sorry for the spoiler / j.s.)

...the rest of this analysis in the newest issue of "Veterans Yoday"

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