Saturday, December 25, 2010


"The Gulf Stream IS DEAD and we are heading for a NEW ICE AGE." Are we being lied to by the Fawning Media? EVEN ABOUT THIS???

Gulf Stream in mid December; looks pretty dying to me (courtesy DEOS)
I am no climatologist of note but I can't help noticing that never before have I seen snow and subzero temperatures in NOVEMBER in my long life in southern Scandinavia. 

However, last I consulted Lord Monckton (who knows what he's talking about, as far as I am concerned), he poured scorn on Lord Stirling and his theories: 

"If the Gulf Stream stopped, we'd know about it here in Scotland: we'd be under feet of ice in no time. Karl Wunsch has bluntly said that the Gulf Stream - and the thermohaline circulation of which it is a part - cannot stop while the Earth continues to spin and the wind continues to blow. So you can take it that this is yet more extremist nonsense." (personal communication)

But that was September...and now Lord M. is shoveling snow around his huge castle, I presume.

The last word is to Lord Stirling this time (brace yourselves; it's not funny); an interview just before X-mas:

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