Wednesday, December 22, 2010

JB Campbell: This Savage Nation 

   December 19, 2010

  Communists are the lowest form of life. We’ve been Communists since 1861. The Yankees, that is, and all who sympathize with what they did, which was wage aggressive war against people they’d already ripped off for decades. And then they ripped them off for decades after the war was over. That was Communism, American-style.
Karl Marx was a big fan of Abraham Lincoln and wrote to him in praise of his war of aggression against people seeking independence from Yankee dominance, under the terms of the Declaration of Independence. But Lincoln was our Lenin. He put thousands of Northern protesters and hundreds of newspaper publishers in prison for opposing his war of aggression. Grant became Trotsky. Sherman, Sheridan, Custer and the other generals were their Bolshevik killers who went on to slaughter hundreds of thousands of American Indians, who also wanted independence. This was the first state-sponsored genocide and it happened here. Since then, no independence movement has been allowed by our Red government, anywhere in the world.
Bush and his gang committed the worst war crimes in history, with the use of depleted uranium ammunition. They have consigned millions of us to very bad deaths, with four million pounds of uranium dust blowing through our lower atmosphere.

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