Thursday, December 30, 2010

"THE CORPORATION NATION" a documentary every indentured "citizen" should see

What the guy is saying is essentially that each and every local, state and federal administration is a for-profit corporation and nobody's that the public administration owns the bulk of the US private sector. And why it sucks.

Personal word from this blogger:
I have listened WALTER BURIEN in a couple of talk shows and visited his websites (HERE and HERE) during the last 3-4 years, but I could not wrap my mind around the enormity of what he was telling me. His VIDEOS were impressive but one tends to forget these things (like stories about the UFOs). 
Then, I've bounced the whole thing off my friend, a distinguished economist, former analyst at the Department of Treasury and more recently - economic advisor to Congressman Kucinich. Rick Cook was unimpressed at first. Senere, he did incorporate some of the ideas in his presentation of THE COOK PLAN.  
Now I can only implore YOU:
WATCH THE MOVIE (please) and don't forget about the issue, not today, however fantastic like it might appear to be at first. People have been killed or otherwise silenced because of these things.  That we are being lied to by politicians is not a news. News is that the lie might be that MONUMENTAL. And all things have cosequences .

SEE THE REMAINING PARTS OF THE FILM add visit the Author's website.

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