Monday, December 27, 2010


Journal of Computer Assisted Tomography carries brand new review on the risk of cancers due to the use of cell phones.

The authors compare the earlier, usually telecom industry-founded, short term studies with the most recent, independent and long-term ones.

Briefly, they conclude that the regular use of cell phones may double the risk of several head cancers like brain tumors, tumors of the inner ear and tumors of salivary glands. The risk is dose-dependent.

Boys and men carrying cell phones in front pockets of their trousers have increased risk of testicular cancer. They have severely reduced sperm counts and their live sperm cells have poor mobility. One study found a highly significant (99.99% confidence) 59% decline in sperm count. What's more ominous, some studies show that offspiring of ”front-pocket carriers” have increased risk of birth defects. More long term studies are due in the coming years.

Over the last 2 decades, there have been numerous epidemiological studies on breast cancer although this relationship remains controversial. Many of these studies reported that exposures are related to increased risk of breast cancer.
Investigations also show that breast cancer cells grow faster if exposed to low electromagnetic radiation at low environmental levels, similar to those of cell phones.

The mechanism of tumor promotion is unknown although the most probable candidate is the influence of RF radiation on enzymes in living cells.

The authors give several practical advices for safer use of cell phones and conclude that:

People should be very restrictive with using mobile phones, as there is a significant body of compelling scientific evidence indicating serious hazards from their use.
Therefore, it is advisable to reduce the use to very few and brief calls. People younger than 20 years should have mobile phones that allow short message service messages only, but no talking, because the risks are far higher in young people.”

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