Tuesday, December 28, 2010


In The War You Don’t See (2010), investigative journalist and filmmaker John Pilger chronicles the massive lies that keep the Western world in war on the Middle East and elsewhere. Pilger interviews key journalists involved in propagandizing the wars, along with others, like Dahr Jamail and Mark Manning, who reported independent of the military. He relentlessly exposes corporate, mainstream media journalists and news editors who nowadays are no more than well paid prostitutes. Anything resembling investigative, critical journalism is gone and replaced by shameless propagandizing.

Military strategy has been replaced by large scale, indiscriminate and massive destruction of nations. 
It turns out the toppling of the statue of Saddam was a media stunt where the cheering public consisted mostly of foreign journalists.
The heroic journalists were busy reporting the tragedy of Jessica Lynch at the same time the greatest battle of the Iraq War - The Battle of Baghdad - was raging (for some reason even Pilger is not mentioning this one).
The film stands in stark contrast to today’s news shows propagandizing the  public about North Korea, recently attacked by South Korea.

While Pilger relentlessly exposes journalists - the worker bees of the Propaganda War on Western populations, he carefully avoids revealing the puppetmasters who pay their media prostitutes and who dictate where the next war is going to be. And WHY.

(Nevertheless - highly recommended.)

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