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"9/11" in 1941

In October 1940, 14 months before Pearl Harbor attack, President Roosevelt signed an 8 point plan to provoke Japan into attacking the USA. The eight points were a product of criminal imagination of a Pentagon bureaucrat Arthur H. McCollum, author of the so called "Eight Points Memo" or simply "McCollum Memo". 

The Memo called for blockade, embargo and provocations against Japan, a nation which neither the Americans nor Roosevelt cared about. "Why provoke them then?", you'll ask. Well, President Roosevelt happened to have an old debt to pay back, a debt which he had incurred when certain influential persons agreed to back him up in the presidential ellections in 1932 and on.

The Persons seem to have approached Roosevelt in 1938 in order to collect the loan. They simply asked FDR to:

1. provoke World War II and
2. make the US its main participant and victor.

The first part was easier than expected. Adolf Hitler and the whole German nation desired to rebuild Germany and unify all territories where Germans lived in large numbers. Such a desire was entirely natural and nobody in his right mind would have nothing against it. Roosevelt, however, through his personal "ambassador at large" William Bullitt succeeded in persuading European governments (like England, France and Poland) that this German desire was totally unacceptable. This resulted in repeated diplomatic clashes and, eventually, in military confrontation in 1939 over Danzig and the "Polish Corridor", and later  - in criminal war provoked and declared by England and France against Germany.

The second part was more complicated. All patriotic Americans (at thet time it equalled practically ALL Americans) were against the war. FDR did all he could in order to provoke Hitler to attack the US, short of attacking Germany directly, but Hitler showed an almost superhuman patience and didn't retaliate.
What remained for him to do was to trick Americans to fight the Germans through a "back door".

Japan, which at that time was at war in China, proved an easier target of provocation. Roosevelt implemented all eight points of the "McCollum Memo" to make Japan attack America.
In short, the plan consisted of strenghtening of American forces in Far East, military provocations against Japan and economic blockade of Japan in order to provoke it to attack America.
The plan was successful and on the 7th December 1941 the Japanese forces did attack the American Fleet in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

The attack was portrayed by Roosevelt and by American propaganda as treacherous and unsuspected. The truth is different. Roosevelt and his top henchmen (including the Fleet commander at Pearl Harbor, adm. Kimmel) knew of every single Japanese step, as the Japanese Navy code had been broken long before the attack. Short before the 7th December all modern American ships had been removed from the base, leaving only old WW1 scrap to be destroyed. But let us not forget the human losses: 2403 American sailors were killed and 1178 wounded.  In the subsequent pacific War and WW2 over 400 000 Americans were killed and almost 700 000 wounded. Japanese losses: approx. 3 million dead (incl. up till 1 million victims of American bombardments) and uncounted wounded.

Total casualties in WW2 are disputed but numbers approx. 85 million dead are generally accepted. In view of the well known fact that FDR was chief instigator of this war, it is only natural that large part of the responsibility for those deaths is his. FDR is thus a traitor to America and one of History's greatest criminals (as the names of his secret backers are unknown).

All the relevant facts concerning the guilt of FDR are to be found in R. Stinnett's book "Day of Deceit: The Truth about FDR and Pearl Harbor". The funny part is that Stinnett actually supports the decision of FDR to provoke Japan on the ground that should Germany have conquered Britain, the US would have been next!

One of the earliest accounts about FDR's role in provoking WW2: Ch.C. Tansill's "Back Door to War: The Roosevelt Foreign Policy, 1933-1941" and Hamilton Fish' "FDR The Other Side of the Coin: How We Were Tricked Into World War II".

The Original Pearl Harbor

George Bush and Hussein Obama have undoubtedly also received their "McCollum Memo" to provoke Iran and they must also have also pledged to fulfill it. How many casualties the coming war will claim remains to be seen. 

by Jack D. Sternoff  

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