Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tunisia's military putting boot on 'Jasmine Revolution'

  • Now we see the actual purpose of Julian Assange, his "leaks," and George Soros. Another themed revolution brought about by leaked cables about Tunisian regime from US embassy in Tunis. Once again, Assange is outed as a tool of Soros and the CIA and Mossad -- the Unholy Trinity. But Assange and his master Soros will not touch Israel at all -- the one country in the Middle East in need of a revolution (and a bath and a shave). /Wayne Madsen

  • courtesy CNN
    TUNIS, Tunisia (CNN) -- Are jackboots already trampling the "Jasmine Revolution"?
    It happened with breathtaking speed. Within a matter of weeks, Tunisia went from being a beacon of authoritarian, pro-Western stability to a country in open, nationwide revolt. A largely leaderless, spontaneous popular movement drove the head of state from power.
    At the moment it's not clear whether that movement will result in real change, or just a change at the top.
    Shortly after Friday's massive demonstrations in Tunis, which reached a crescendo outside the hated Ministry of the Interior on Avenue Mohamed V, President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali fled the country, taking refuge in Saudi Arabia.

    if you really care, read the whole propaganda piece at CNN

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