Tuesday, January 18, 2011

DETROIT may close half of its schools

Detroit may close half its public schools. Good news for The Washington Post Company, whose Kaplan subsidiary stands to make billions on privatization of public education. But you won't read about THAT in the Post!

manager Bobb
Detroit — Detroit Public Schools would close nearly half of its schools in the next two years, and increase high school class sizes to 62 by the following year, under a deficit-reduction plan filed with the state.
The plan, part of a monthly update Emergency Financial Manager Robert Bobb gives the Department of Education, was filed late Monday to provide insight into Bobb's progress in his attempt to slash a $327 million deficit in the district to zero over the next several years. Under it, the district would slim down from 142 schools now to 72 during 2012-13.

(The Detroit News)

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