Sunday, January 9, 2011


 a great analysis of "V for Vendetta"  based on the recent tragedy in Bay School District in Panama City, Florida by Keith Johnson

"...our government loves it when emotionally fragile individuals like Clay Duke take the Hollywood bait and emulate screen heroes like V.  It saves the FBI the trouble of having to set up some poor Somali-born kid to blow up a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Oregon, or the MOSSAD from convincing some Nigerian half-wit to stick firecrackers down his shorts before boarding an airliner. Governments fear mass uprisings, but encourage individual acts of aggression.  Individuals are easy to contain, and their acts of terrorism are easy to absorb and exploit.
As we have witnessed with the Clay Duke tragedy, there is nothing romantic about violence.  There was nothing cinematically breathtaking in his actions.  There was no theme music playing in the background.  He did not dazzle us with his acrobatic dexterity.  In reality, all acts of violence are ugly and repulsive.
I am not accusing the filmmakers of deliberately inciting violence.  But, in light of the actions taken by Clay Duke, it certainly played a part in doing just that.  However, I am strongly suggesting that the filmmakers were deliberate in their efforts to advance Zionist propaganda for the very reasons I have outlined above."

Read the article at REVOLT OF THE PLEBS

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