Monday, January 17, 2011


WOW! A real eye opener about how politics works - by a man who knows what he's talking about. 5 STARS from me /j.d.s.

JB Campbell: Oil Wars, A Mid-East Misadventure

"...Meron Gordon himself was interesting. He was introduced as a career diplomat who had been in the Soviet foreign ministry before emigrating to Israel, where he became the consul to San Francisco, where he was currently stationed. Now, I was not fully up to speed on Zionism and Judaism, but I was quite experienced with the comrades, having fought them in Africa not too many years before, and had spent my life studying and hating Communism. So, here I was, listening to a professional Communist diplomat, recently transplanted to Israel, criticizing a reasonable-sounding proposal for fairness in Palestine. His remarks were as you’d expect from a professional liar, but my mind was pre-occupied with his former life as a Soviet agent. His negative and rather insulting comments over, he invited questions. I was the first to be recognized and a microphone was brought to me.
“Mr. Gordon, is Israel an ally of the United States?”
“We are friends.”
“Of course. But officially, is Israel an official ally of the United States?”
Gordon became visibly irritated, and snapped, “We would like to be!” He began to look around for a different questioner. I held on to the microphone.
“Mr. Gordon, if an American ship were attacked in the Mediterranean, would Israel come to our rescue?” He turned his back on me as best he could, looking around the auditorium.

“That depends!” I nodded and handed over the microphone to a very nervous guy.

I must say, the effect of this exchange was noticeable in the room. The Jews were uneasy and the non-Jews were thoughtful at the idea that Israel was not in fact an ally of the United States. Quite an official admission. It hit me like a lightning bolt. I’d read in the Spotlight newspaper that Israel was not an official ally, but where else could you find this sort of thing thirty years ago? It just wasn’t discussed.

But here was this son of a bitch admitting it in public. ..."

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