Sunday, February 6, 2011

TARPLEY: "Rent-A-Crowd" in Cairo

Some good quotes from Tarpley's interview with Rense:

"ElBaradei - flown from Vienna where he lives says "Mubarak - dead man walking"

Burn a party HQ in Cairo - you are a hero in Al Jazeera, do it in NY - you are a bandit,

CIA REUSES T-Shirts and Logo's from a color revolution in Serbia!!!

"Rent-a-Crowd" in Cairo, 50 000 at best 
(in Ukraine, Soros' "Open Society Foundation" paid $100 a head in villages around Kiev, bussed the orange clad peasants to the main square and - voilá: "Orange Revolution" ready for evening News /jds)

Brzezinsky: "we can smash a nation-state with a crowd"

AlJazeera rushed to Cairo like flies to s..t

Advice to Mubarak: Break the relations with the US immediately, bring China in,
bring Russians in, broaden Suez Canal, get bread price down with subsidies,
Kick out the IMF,

No program, no leaders, no real crowds, no nothing

If anybody cares about Egypt, bring in some grain

US Embassy is the center of the events"

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