Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Gaddafi. Website for this image

It is as if there were two Gaddafis.

Maybe the original one was replaced by a double?

1. In Libya, in 1911, the Italians bombed innocent civilians from the air. (Ninety-three years of bombing the Arabs)

Libya has almost always been treated badly by the Europeans and Americans.

2. "After the 1969 coup, Gaddafi closed American and British bases and partially nationalized foreign oil and commercial interests in Libya.

"He also played a key role in promoting oil embargoes as a political weapon for challenging the West, hoping that an oil price rise and embargo in 1973 would persuade the West, especially the United States, to end support for Israel.

"Gaddafi rejected both Eastern (Soviet) communism and Western (United States) capitalism and claimed he was charting a middle course for his government."[31]

"The Libyan state provides an extensive level of social security, particularly in the fields of housing and education."[81]

(Libya - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

3. "CIA agent Edwin P. Wilson recruited Gadaffi in 1977, and the CIA shipped Libya over 2000 pounds of explosives," says former CIA agent Lester Coleman.

(DIA Agent's Book, Trail of the Octopus - From Beirut To Lockerbie.)

4. The CIA has a tendency to fall out with its assets.
5. In 1984, in London, Police Constable Yvonne Fletcher was shot dead outside the Libyan people’s Bureau.

In April 1996, Britain's Channel Four programme Dispatches revealed that Fletcher had been murdered by elements of British and American intelligence.

"The purpose of the slaying, as outlined earlier, was to 'shape' public opinion and, importantly, pre-empt Parliamentary indignation for the later bombing of Tripoli by British based US warplanes."

(Easy Target)

6. On 20 February 2011, Libya's state news agency blamed the troubles in Libya on "a foreign network trained in creating clashes and chaos to destabilise Libya".

(Gaddafi son warns of civil war dangers – Financial Times.)

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