Tuesday, February 1, 2011

American Jewish Committee demands ouster of US Envoy over his remarks on 9/11

Incredible how nervous these people are getting over any mention of 9/11. They couldn't use their preferable anti-Semitism weapon this time - Falk is Jewish himself...

(...) Ambassador Rice has just demanded that Falk, the UN Human Rights Council's special rapporteur in the Palestinian territories, step down from his UN position. "In my view, Mr. Falk’s latest commentary [an entry in his blog about the media and 9/11] is so noxious that it should finally be plain to all that he should no longer continue in his position on behalf of the UN." (...)

(...) Falk’s crime was saying that the US administration’s reluctance to address the awkward gaps and contradictions identified by several scholars in the official explanations of 9/11, only fuels suspicions of a conspiracy. And he suggested that "what may be more distressing than the apparent cover up is the eerie silence of the mainstream media, unwilling to acknowledge the well-evidenced doubts about the official version of the events: an al Qaeda operation with no foreknowledge by government officials".

(...) The American Jewish Committee also called on the UN to immediately dismiss Falk for publicly endorsing "the slander of conspiracy theorists". Executive Director David Harris said: "We agree wholeheartedly with the US Permanent Representative to the UN, Ambassador Susan Rice, who stated that Mr Falk’s comments are 'despicable and offensive’ and, like her, urge the UN to remove him from his position. Falk has long been a conspiracy-ridden and harmful figure who surely does not serve the best interests of the UN."

Read the whole thing at URUKNET

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