Sunday, February 6, 2011

CIA or Mossad Distribute "How-to-Kick-Mubarak-Ass" Fliers to Egyptians?

A few points to note about this pamphlet:

1. The content appears to have been carefully selected. Someone familiar with police crowd control techniques has given a great deal of thought to organizing, propagandizing, and effective protesting

2. The ordering of ideas is carefully structured. It adheres to the following format: - Demands - Strategic Goals - Tactics (mobilizing crowds, clothing, fighting techniques, miscellaneous tactics) - Effective propaganda (propaganda displays and means of distribution)

3. The format is styled like a Powerpoint presentation concocted by a staff familiar with trendy, simple, and effective forms of communication. The written text is kept to a minimum. Instead of compiling a list of top ten tips or merely writing down the ideas contained therein, careful thought was given to expressing these ideas mainly thru imagery. Whereas Arabic style of communication tends to be long-winded, indirect, and verbose with lots of flowery rhetoric, this is short, succinct, and primarily a pictorial explanation. Written text is kept to a bare minimum. That is not the middle Eastern style of communication. It is the style of boardroom powerpoint slideshows and of Madison Avenue.

4. The images in the penultimate slide showing an attractive young woman displaying the peace sign in solidarity with a smiling matronly elderly woman positioned on either side of a young, physically imposing but friendly and smiling Egyptian soldier seem like the way Madison Avenue would go about selling this message. Traditional societies would be less likely to include smiling women in their propaganda. They would typically favor displays of bravery and romanticized rhetoric exhorting one to protest for a noble cause. Men who are experienced in crowd control and security techniques also are unlikely to think of using this kind of feminized imagery.

5 The translation into English is literally perfect. All the idioms are right. It gives one the impression that perhaps this document was originally written in English, carefully and methodically put together by a committee with input from military, marketing, and technical writing staff.

So who put this pamphlet together? America, Israel, one of Soros’ NGO’s?

see the pamphlet at BUSINESS INSIDER  

comments courtesy Charles

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