Sunday, November 13, 2011

"The New Babylon"; the must read

Publisher: American Free Press (2009)

 This book, "The New Babylon", by Michael Collins Piper, is an EXCELLENT read! It details the Jewish and Zionist elements behind the New World Order-something which is lacking in so many "conspiracy" books, presumably because most people are afraid of being labeled "anti-semitic"; and/or they have their works edited and published by one of the Jewish-controlled publishing houses, which censor out anything which sounds "anti-Jewish" (Jim Marrs, for example, admitted that he was censored from revealing information about media control in one of his books, but then that is the price he had to pay to reach a wide audience through Harper Collins publishing).

But fortunately there is the American Free Press and their group of no-holds-barred reporters, including Michael Collins Piper, who are not afraid to expose the truth about government coverups and the true nature of the New World Order (even Alex Jones has become quiet in talking about Zionism, which seems to have begun when he was first on George Noory's pro-Israel Coast-to-Coast AM program a few years ago).

In "The New Babylon", the author aims to convince the reader that the Jewish Talmud is the real motivation and blueprint behind the New World Order, and to this end he covers all bases: in particular, the Rothschild banking family and their offshoots; and the Bronfman crime family, along with their ties to Meyer Lansky (a Jew), Al Capone, and even John McCain's rise to prominence. The author does NOT condemn ALL Jewish people, and this is truly a Five-Star book-which EVERYONE including Jews should read.

Favourite Quote from the book:
"As long as we were in good standing with the Jewish people (international bankers on Wall Street - Ed) of New York, everything went well for us. But when they turned against us, everything fell apart."
Imelda Marcos 1987.

It was interesting to read about her shoe collection. The "western" media has always claimed that her enormous collection of shoes is evidence of her greed and recklessly extravagant spending, but the truth is that the shoes were gifts from the Phillipino shoe industry. The vast majority of the shoes didn't even fit her.
The real reason for the CIA/Mossad engineered coup in 1986, which saw the Marcos' swept from power, was that the Marcos family were attempting to get the Jewish international bankers out of their financial system. 

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