Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tzipi Livni: "Antisemitism and Holocaust...justifies all we do to the's a trick"

Tzipi Livni's Soft Underbelly

by Dima Sternov

Those of us who are hetero- or bisexual men as well as those who are lesbians AND interested in the intricacies of internal (or external, as the case may be) politics of the Zionist Entitity have more than once groped over pictures of Tzipi Livni with a rather big question mark in our heads. What makes this woman attractive? Wherein lies her sex appeal?

If you show a picture of Ms. Livni to a guy who is not a student of international affairs and who limits his consumption of mass media to sports events, he will look at you and ask who this ugly woman is.
Those of us, however, who have been near her, seen her speak, interact with soldiers, exchanged a furtive glance with her, we know that she possesses a strange magnetism and that the best description for her would be: a human panther. She is strong, she is powerful, she is very smart, all of which make her dangerous to her opponents but also to herself.

Her interview with Amy Goodman is a classic example of how this powerful creature for a split second turns around and shows her soft, warm underbelly. Her power makes her self-confident to the point of studied carelessness. She knows that this maneuvre is very, very sexy precisely because it is so risky and it shows to all who care to look that she can afford it - and survive unscathed.

Whether Ms. Livni is happily married with five children or single on the lookout is immaterial. Being a political animal, the moment she leaves the privacy of her home she becomes a she-cat eager to use her power and to show it.
And she rather needs to because she knows perfectly well that her nose is big and skewed, that her cheeks are broad and heavy, that her neck is short and stocky, and that her waist is disappearing.
In short – she knows much better than you and I that she is not a photo model, and that her only chance to survive and thrive in the harsh, virile world of Zionist politics is the sharpness of her claws, fangs and brains.
And her warm underbelly, of course.

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